Cartolina (pronounced “kar·to·lì·na”) translates to “postcard” in Italian.


We founded Cartolina for you and the women whose style you love - your mother, your grandmother, your daughter, your friend, your colleague, and more. Our styles are designed to carry a balance between structure and softness, often leaning towards tailored pieces with a touch of effortless elegance. Each silhouette expresses quiet luxury, a love for travel, and timeless quality. We design clothing that can be passed from one generation to the next, each piece crafting and holding special memories.


This womenswear brand is inspired by travel, life adventures, and making memories. My mother always taught me how important it is to enjoy a place and be an active participant in creating your life’s collection of memories. Wherever you go, whoever you meet. This, to me, means family, and my mother lives on in these memories, thanks to the beautiful designs created and made by the Cartolina team.

I hope you find a piece or two that makes you feel special. Something to wear on an adventure far away or right nearby. Something you can wear for a dinner with friends you miss or a walk along the beach. Cartolina is Italian for “postcard,” so wherever the clothes take you, I’m wishing you special memories ahead. Create your own postcards in the memory you wear!

xoxo Margaret Anne Nolen
Founder & Creative Director of Cartolina

Women Owned & Operated

Cartolina is a female founded company for those not afraid to try something different, both in life and their wardrobes.  Our woman is you, your mother, or your grandmother.  She may be your daughter, your friend, or a colleague.  Now and always, we recognize the importance of investing in today's women, and next generations. We are committed to giving back to organizations that support women.