WANDERLUST JW Small Pendant Coin


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Defined as a strong desire to travel, Wanderlust is a feeling you can't ignore. It's a move onward and outward, to discover and explore, to find your new favorite place, the place you can't wait to share with your friends. Travel is in your soul, and Wanderlust drives you over the next hill on the adventure. The wind is at your back, and the sun shines on your path.

  • Coin pendant made of sterling silver dipped in 14k gold, measuring 1" in diameter.
  • Weight: 8.7 grams
  • DOUBLE SIDED: Globe with north star on one side, JW logo and "Wanderlust" inscription on the other. Wear either way!
  • Includes Adjustable 16-18" Gold Satellite Chain.

  • Coin pendant bail (loop that attached the pendant to a chain) will fit a wide variety of chains.