Joie De Vivre JW Original Pendant Coin (Single Flower)


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Jane Win pieces are a talisman for milestone moments and a reminder to focus on all you hope to achieve in life. They embody strength and positivity, and are meant to be passed from generation to generation with love.

Simply put, Joie De Vivre is delight for the way you live, a love of life.

Cartolina embodies the exhilaration of travel and exploration and the joy brought from the art of collecting memories. We carry with us in this coin a true appreciation for each day and the adventure it promises.

  • Coin pendant made of sterling silver dipped in 14k gold, measuring 1.2" in diameter.
  • Double Sided: Cartolina Flower Logo on front side, JW logo and "Joie De Vivre" Inscription on the other. Wear either way!
  • Comes on an 18" Gold-Filled Drawn Link Chain.
  • Coin pendant bail (loop that attaches the pendant to a chain) will fit a wide variety of chains.